Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well Done, Boys

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It took about three days too long, but the Mets' magic number was finally reduced to zero, as they defeated the Marlins last night, thereby winning their division. As everyone is saying, it's been since 1988. Last time the Mets won the division, I hadn't had sex yet.

I selected the photo of David Wright and Jose Reyes partially because Jose's champagne-protecting goggles are sweet. But the main reason is that I want to start a rumor that the left side of the Mets infield is engaging in a homosexual relationship. A long-term monogamous relationship to go with those long-term contracts they both signed. Lookin' good, boys.

And a word about B&E (those of you who bleep over the baseball posts will miss out on this perhaps, but it serves you right for bleeping over the baseball posts, you anti-baseball bastards)...

As I've stated, I begin a full-time job today. I leave in a half-hour. I don't yet know how well I'll be able to keep up the regular posting. I hope that I won't slack off too much, and I hope that I can continue to please you effectively with my bald prose.

But that there is the preemptive disclaimer in case I struggle to keep up. I love you all, and hope to make sweet blogging love to all of you for many years to come. You're totally hot.

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