Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is That the Devil I Smell, Or Did You Fart?

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I'm admittedly late getting in on the conversation about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. (I've got a job.) On the other hand, Hugo's been on my radar for some time, and I've generally enjoyed watching what he's doing, even if there are some questionable aspects to his leadership.

Lately, though, I've been wondering if Hugo's upped his dosage of crazy pills. Go hang by the bedside of Fidel Castro. That's understandable. But chilling with Iran's president Mahmoud "Let's Wipe Israel Off the Map" Ahmadinejad had me going, "Whaaaa?" And while he may have his semi-legitimate reasons for calling Bush "the devil," his complaints about the lingering stench of sulphur at the UN podium were a bit over the top. If not downright nuts.

Back in his home country again, Hugo's saying that Bush should resign (I agree there) and defending his use of the term "devil" to describe Bush, explaining that his speech was also meant to be humorous. You know, those Venezuelans are best known for their sense of humor. Endy Chavez of the Mets (no relation that I know of) is the clubhouse prankster, which is a juicy tidbit I just totally invented.

I don't necessarily have much to add to the discussion, but if, like me, you wanted to read more about Hugo, here are some links: This one is a lefty analysis of Chavez's "new world vision." This one talks about how Chavez is a pariah to Republicans and Democrats alike, now that he's complained of the devil's putrid stench. And while I don't always like to link to things that piss me off, this one puts Hugo's anti-American rants in the context of an OPEC nation, rather than a Latin American one. Naturally, what pisses me off in this analysis is the denial that the West has in fact screwed Latin America and bled much of the Third World dry. This is why some people oppose "globalization." So why link to it? I don't fucking know. It's 7am on a Saturday, and I woke up early, and I just finished my first week of full-time work in well over five years. So shut up.



At 10:52 AM , Anonymous Satan said...

I'll have you know that the sulphur thing was years ago, and the result of a bad batch of cologne. But you know what they say: commit one abomination with a goat, and forever they'll call you goat-abominator. Or words to that effect.


I do NOT smell of sulfur.

I smell of Banana Island Coppertone sunscreen.

I hope this clears things up.

The Great Satan

At 10:56 AM , Anonymous George W. Bush said...

Heh heh heh... I did lay down a couple rotten eggs when I was speechifyin'. SBD's, you know? Where I'm from we call 'em "trouser coughs." Didn't know they'd hang around.

But fuck 'em! If I can't breathe out the invisible poop juice, the terrorists would of won!

At 2:39 PM , Anonymous sulphur said...

Wait, what?? I always thought I smelled kind of nice!

At 7:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Chavez has helped Noam Chomsky's book that he so publicly endorsed go straight to the top of the bestseller lists. This can be no bad thing.


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