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Edward R. Olbermann

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As someone without cable, I don't get the MSNBC network, and because of that, Keith Olbermann has remained in my peripheral awareness as a pundit and commentator. Some of you may have noticed my fascination with baseball, and Keith Olbermann used to be a sportscaster. So my association with Keith goes back to the time that Yankee second baseman, Chuck Knoblauch, suffering from a serious case of the yips, hit Keith's mother in the stands with his errant throw. Keith handled it like a true professional: "I'm going to step out of the booth for a moment. Chuck's throw just hit my mother."

Anyway, Titivil links to Keith's blog and has a well-voiced opinion on the man, and recently, Virgil linked to Keith's 9/11 comment, which Olbermann empassioned directly through the president's thick head.

So while I'm late to the Olbermann political commentary party, I'd like to add my own little link. This tirade, like most of Keith's ending pieces, runs about eight minutes, but it's got all the juice of a Grecian peach.

Some commentary on his commentary...

He calls Bush the worst president since James Buchanan. Keith skips right over Herbert Hoover and Warren G. Harding, two men widely regarded as truly terrible presidents, and goes right back to the man who was personally responsible for fucking up Kansas in the 1850s. Keith's decision to compare Bush to Buchanan pleases me greatly.

Hoover and Harding were inept and corrupt, perhaps, but Buchanan was inept, corrupt, and destructive on a massive scale. Granted, Buchanan's policies affected primarily only our own still-growing country, but he was enormously divisive, and appropriately enough, Karl Rove was Buchanan's Deputy Chief of Staff.

Anyway, it's about time that President Buchanan stops getting his free pass. Except for history geeks, no one knows the awesome power of Buchanan's terribleness. And while Keith didn't explain why the Bush Administration is the worst since Buchanan's, I'm a fan of getting Buchanan's name back in the popular consciousness.

In fact, I think maybe President James Buchanan is, posthumously of course, Dickhead of the Week. (Especially since I don't know how many more postings I'll get to this week.)

One minor complaint about Olbermann's commentary. He ends his tirade with Edward R. Murrow's iconic, "Good night, and good luck." He's great, that Keith, but he's not Edward R. Murrow, and he should consider getting his own tagline. If it's good and catchy, and if Keith can continue to stand up for all that is good and right in this country, then perhaps whatever his tagline is will become iconic in its own right.

One suggestion: "Chuck's throw just hit my mother."

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