Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Forget to Vote

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Look, I know it's just a stinkin' primary election today, but voting is a good time. And during a primary voting day, you don't even have to wait in any lines.

I love voting in Queens. There are fun language barriers and some of the oldest people I've ever seen. It's not efficient, but it is great. I got back an hour ago and I was the 21st person in my district to vote. How's that for making my vote count?

Primaries are fun, too, because you can actually vote for candidates who share a majority of your values. In the general election, I'll vote for Hillary over whomever the Republican candidate is. But today, I was able to vote for Tasini, who attempted to pull a Ned Lamont here in New York, but couldn't quite get momentum going for his campaign. Still, Tasini's an anti-war candidate hitting Hillary from the left. I love hitting the Democratic Party from the left.

In the Attorney General race, I went with Sean Patrick Maloney. Mark Green is fine, and Andrew Cuomo probably is, too, and Maloney has no real chance of winning. He's just a bit too unknown. But it's a primary! And Maloney has fire, chutzpah, cohones. Progressive, well-spoken, and passionate. I like Maloney. He gets my primary vote.

For governor, I went with the predictable choice: Eliot Spitzer. Apologies to my friend's boyfriend for not voting for his life-long buddy, Tom Suozzi. I don't dislike Suozzi. But finally, I went with Spitzer for a reason that's very important here at B&E...

He's got less hair. And anyone who can prosecute the shit out of Wall Street the way Spitzer has is clearly effective.

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At 9:36 AM , Anonymous hilary said...

At my polling place, they'd decided to have a little fun and rearrange the districts from their usual positions in the room. The only voter, I had to go to all 3 tables and spell my name 6 times before finding the correct location. I ended up having to find myself in the book because the volunteer didn't seem to know the alphabet. Shouldn't that be a prerequisite? It's a wonder anyone manages to get elected.

At 3:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Suozzi's ineffectiveness is related to his full head of hair.

At 3:12 PM , Blogger dan g said...

That's what I'm talking about anonymous, if that is indeed your name.

I found myself in the book twice, hilary, if that is indeed your name: once to determine which district was mine (the dyslexic woman was inverting my address numerals), and once in the names book, as the old guy just couldn't see it. But then he complimented me on the quality of my signature.

At 11:04 AM , Anonymous o'sunnyside said...

I went to the polls 3 hours after they opened and was the 6th person in my district to vote!
The best part was when I walked up to the 176-year-old woman with the sign-in book, showed her my big orange voting card thing, and asked her if I was in the right place. She stared at me blankly. So, thrusting the big orange card closer to her, I asked again, "Am I in the right place?" After staring at whatever she could make out of my face for a moment, she said, "To vote?"
"No, ma'am," I thought, "to enroll in the 5th grade here at this lovely school..."
This was followed by more hilarity of trying to get the only slightly less ancient voting machine to work. I explained to about half a dozen different workers that the levers didn't move. The advice from each and every one of them: "Move the levers."
I do love me that there democracy!


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