Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dickhead of the Week - Immigration Edition

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We have two Dickheads this week, but it's Representative Tom Tancredo who gets the photo. It is truly amazing the photos you can find from politicians' own websites. Well done, Tom.

Even better done, though, was Tom's participation as guest-of-honor for a white supremacist event in South Carolina. The US Representative has an understandable ship-'em-all-out attitude toward immigrants, as his home state of Colorado borders, uh, Wyoming. Oh, and New Mexico, which is, after all, just a new Mexico.

Anyway, hoping to mobilize the coveted hate-vote, Tom went before the secession group to test the waters of his potential 2008 presidential run. Naturally, because they were a secession group, he preached a message of unity. Mmmr?

This week's co-hate-mongering Dickhead is Morgan Wilkins, a campus organizer who planned fun activities at the University of Michigan, such as Catch an Illegal Immigrant!

Ms. Wilkins also set up firing ranges with cutouts of prominent Democrats and invited students to shoot them with BB's and paint pellets. Admittedly this sounds like a good time, but that doesn't mean it's not offensive and dangerous.

(Full disclosure: I enjoy shooting BB guns. While in Vermont, I tagged a fez-wearing rubber monkey through the window of a tiny plastic stagecoach, without hitting the stagecoach. Yes, it was a good shot.)

Naturally, the Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, wrote a strongly-worded letter to his Republican National Committee counterpart, Ken Mehlman. Republicans are running from Morgan's organizing efforts saying that she's unaffiliated with the party and an independent contractor hired to recruit college-aged GOP members. Uh...

Both of these stories came to my attention via The Huffington Post, which also offered this non-Dickheaded gem from Everyone's Favorite Jowls, Dennis Hastert. Poor singing voices can be forgiven, but he should at least know the words.



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