Monday, June 26, 2006

Xady Watch - Week of June 26

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Still sixth among everyday players (behind Wright, Reyes, Valentin, Beltran (who got an extra i in his name last week - well done, Beltran!), and LoDuca), Nady remains respectable, batting .270 with 11 home runs on the season.

I'd like to pause here and reflect upon this oddity: the Mets have an eleven-and-a-half game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League East. Yes, it's only June 26, but that's a big fucking lead. Atlanta, by the way, who I still fully expect to win the division this year, is currently fifteen-and-a-half out of first place and are currently bringing up the rear of the division. Well done, offensive tomahawk chopping motherfuckers.

In other baseball news, I want to acknowledge a major loss for our Vermont baseball league. Umpire extraordinaire, Frank Giamartino died last week in a car accident driving home from umpiring a Babe Ruth league game. Frank was the only umpire in the league I knew by name. He called a great game and was respectful to our team, even when we played like a bunch of morons. It was always a pleasure to see Frank behind the plate.

Frank was also a big Mets fan. Seems that all the best men are.

For a nice little piece of writing about baseball and Frank, I turn your attention to this. Even if you don't like baseball, take a moment to enjoy a good piece of writing about a hell of a good man.



At 3:00 PM , Anonymous Hollywood Max said...

It would take an enormous '78 Red Sox-type meltdown for the Mets not to win the NL East, which of course doesn't mean it won't happen. ...Am I the only one who gets nervous every time they bring in (Hill)Billy Wagner to close a game out?

At 7:58 PM , Anonymous Jorge said...

Hillabilly Wagner is unlike most of the so called good closers that the Mets have had recently. He is a second half of the season Pitcher. He has been shakey at times, but Armando was always 15-15 in Save opportunities at this point of the season on his way to the all Star game before his second half of the year melt downs would start to happen. Lets be wild and give up homers up 11 1/2 games instead of in October


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