Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Xady Watch - Week of June 19

xady dinger
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He's back, baby, minus one appendix. In Monday's game, he complained about his timing being off. In Tuesday's game, he hit two home runs.

Yes, it's been a long three weeks, but Who was ably replaced by rookie-may-someday-be-a-sensation Lastings Milledge. Lastings showed flashes of brilliance and flashes of boneheadedness, which is typical for a pre-teen just arriving in the Major Leagues.

Anyway, Who has returned. He's now batting .266, and those two home runs last night bring his grand total into the double-digits, at 11. With all the Mets hitting well lately, and Who sitting on his couch for a few weeks, his batting average is now sixth among everyday players, behind Wright, Valentin, Beltrain, LoDuca, and Reyes.

OK, so unless something of real interest happens, I'm going to lay off the baseball for the rest of the week. Even DotW is baseball-related.

But 'tis the season, so get used to it suckas, I mean, fair B&E readers.



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