Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Next?

flaming flag
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Because flag-burning is such a rampant problem in our country, the Senate put the old reliable flag-burning amendment forward for a vote. Always a good thing to bring up in an election year.

This time, the vote was close. It was one vote shy of passing the Senate and going to the states for ratification. Sixty-six senators voted in favor of the amendment.

And good for those sixty-six senators. I hate that everytime I try to cross the street, there's a burning flag blocking my path. I've had it up to my ears in burning flags, and I'm sick and tired of it.

While they're at it, the Senate needs to pass an amendment banning burning bags of shit. If I answer my doorbell to another burning bag of shit, I'm going to lose it. Anything that combines fire and feces should be unconstitutional.

But this, of course, raises an important question. If we can't burn them, what are we to do with the shitbags we have representing us in the Senate?

Who knows? But if we don't act soon, someone's gonna figure out how to burn bags of shit-covered flags, and that's just a step away from teaching evolution in schools.

Act now.

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At 1:21 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

Amen, Brother.

How about we just ban burning altogether. Fixes the problem with those damn smokers, too. And housefires. And those frickin' 4th of July fireworks, too.


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