Monday, June 05, 2006

Shame On... Senator Biden

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I was reading a little bit more about the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage because it gets me mad. (It gets me mad, too, because it's distracting me from the real issues of the day, and I'm aware that this is precisely its purpose. Crafty right-wing freaks.)

Anyway, most reasonable members of Congress are against the no-gay-marriage amendment because they understand that adding prejudice to the Constitution is shameful and immoral. You know, all men are created equal and all that.

But then there's Senator Biden's rationale. On Meet the Press, Biden said, and I paraphrase, "Why do we need an amendment? We've already got the Defense of Marriage Act."

Shame on you, Senator Biden. Shame on you for implying that the premise behind the proposed anti-gay amendendment is fine even if it's unnecessary. Shame on you for wading into some kind of moral middle ground. Shame on you for demonstrating once again that Democrats don't actually stand for goodness, acceptance, and forward-thinking, but rather, that Democrats are calculating, cowardly, and hesitant.

Shame On Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware.

Maybe "Shame On" will become another regular feature, here, at B&E. Ultimately, I suppose, it will be up to members of the Democratic Party.

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At 4:34 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

In that case, I'd count on it...


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