Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shame On... Representative Berman

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So there was all this financial disclosure by the US Congress today. Our country is run by a group of rich pricks. Shocking.

One of the choicest cuts of financial reporting meat comes out of the House Ethics Committee. They took nearly $1 million in privately-sponsored travel. And Democrats on the committee got a much bigger piece of the travel pie.

Representative Howard Berman, Democrat from California, led the pack, with $245,000 worth of free travel. Where in the fuck is he going? And how in the fuck is he getting there?

Shame on you, Representative Howard Berman. You're setting a bad ethical example. And shame on Gene Green, Democrat of Texas ($198,000 of free travel). And shame on Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Democrat of Ohio ($130,000). And shame on Mike Doyle, Democrat of Pennsylvania ($95,000). Berman, Green, Jones, and Doyle make up the top four House Ethics Committee travelers.

Shame on you. Shame.

[Thanks for sharing the link, HuffPo.]

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