Saturday, June 03, 2006


So our ever-reasonable Commander-in-Chief is commanding prejudice chiefly against gay people, because that's how Republicans win elections. There's a fairly interesting article in the New York Times that discusses how even right-wing queer haters think maybe they're getting played. "Where was this issue right after the election? How can we be focused on war and social security when there are matters of real national importance to deal with? We need to keep the queers from getting married!"

Anyway, the president's wife said she didn't think that gay marriage should be used as a campaign tool, adding that it "requires a great deal of sensitivity just to talk about the issue, a lot of sensitivity."

Um... Talking about the issue only requires sensitivity if you hate queers and don't want to seem like you hate queers. It requires no sensitivity whatsoever for me to say that gays should be able to marry like everyone else.

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