Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dickhead(s) of the Week - Gay-Bashing Edition

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Forty-nine senators voted in favor of the amendment denying marriage rights to gay people. That's 49 Dickheads. A few among them deserve some special mention...

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma added a visual aid to his argument against gay marriage: a family photo. During his presentation, he pointed out that he and his wife had been married 47 years, and that there's never been homosexual relationship in the "recorded history of our family." Well, the recorded history, sure, but what about the unrecorded history? Just so there's no "conflict of interest," Inhofe doesn't hire any openly gay staffers. At least he's consistently bigoted.

Senator David Vitter went on the record to state that he didn't believe any issue was as important as this one. Yo, Vitter! You're from Louisiana. I think the bulk of your state would agree that continued Katrina recovery might be a little bit more important. Yeah, those refugees in Houston are probably feeling extra-angry this morning knowing that not only can they still not return to their homes, but now the queers are gonna spoil marriage for them.

With the amendment officially dead in the Senate, one would assume that the House wouldn't waste their time on such nonsense, since it really wouldn't mean anything even if they manage to pass it. Alas, we didn't count on former Major League (and Hall of Fame) pitcher, Jim Bunning of Kentucky, and House Majority Leader, John "I'll Be Your Catcher!" Boehner. They've partnered in an unholy backroom alliance to ensure that the measure's seed gets spread across the floor of the House. It titillates! Oh, but it does titillate...

What a bunch of Dickheads. And closeted queers.



At 10:58 AM , Blogger Karl said...

Yup. There's my senator. Big as life and twice as ugly.

I really do like a lot of things about Tulsa and Oklahoma, but having monsters like Inhofe and Coburn as the public face of my state really makes me steam.

I'm surprised Tom Coburn "ing Sensation" didn't weigh in with some medical opinion on how gays aren't born that way.

At 12:37 PM , Anonymous yourpalpippi said...

Good dickhead choice(s) as always!

If you're looking for a dickhead psychobitch for next week (or any/every week) I nominate Ann Cooties Coulter. I generally have a hard time not drawing mustaches on her stupid face on bookcovers at the bookstore - one day I'm sure I'll do it & get fined - here's her latest:

Ann Coulter entered a "testy" exchange with Today show host Matt Lauer when Lauer confronted the conservative columnist on passages from her book denouncing 9/11 widows as "self-obsessed" "millionaires" "reveling in their status as celebrities." ..

At 4:43 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

Oh, good, so now the Gay Marriage issue is so important that we can throw legislative procedures that OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON out the window just to make sure we can keep them queers down.



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