Friday, June 30, 2006

Dickhead of the Week - Peter King

peter king
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There's a Dickhead in these here parts! His name is Congressman Peter "Pistol Pete" King of New York's 3rd District on Long Island. Queens and Brooklyn share an island with the one called Long, and this Dickhead makes me want to swim back to Manhattan. And swimming in the East River... well, that's just gross.

Anyway, Pistol Pete is the New York face to the attack on The New York Times, which had the audacity to do its job this week. The Times reported that the US is looking into international banking records to find terrorists. How dare they report on stuff! The gall!

I don't really have anything to add to the multitudes raving about how the Bush administration is blaming the messenger, and how they have no credibility in their attacks.

But Pistol Pete has asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to investigate The New York Times with an eye toward prosecuting. Come on, Dickhead. We do still have freedom of the press. And one of the jobs of the press is to serve as a check on governmental excess.

Peter King, I'm embarrassed to share an island with a Dickhead like you.

By the way, I'm pretty sure this is a photo of Peter King, even though it doesn't look much like the photo he keeps on his congressional website. Hey, Pistol Pete! Are you feeling a little self-conscious about your graying hair and thickening face?

Oh, yes, we take the cheap shots, too, here at B&E.



At 3:54 PM , Blogger sunnysider said...

This is the guy that Dave Mejias, friend of captain, my captain, is running against.


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