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A Very Special Shout-Out

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I’d like to give props to the missus, who, as of today, has officially survived two years of marriage with me. For the cotton anniversary, she gave me the hankies pictured and embroidered a special message just for me.

The missus won’t actually see this here posting for another week, as she’s in New Mexico working on the Don Imus ranch for kids with cancer and blood disorders. She has expressly forbidden me to write about her ranch experiences at B&E.; Too bad.

Anyway, we celebrated before she left. The missus is a fine and thoughtful gift-giver, by the way. 100%-cotton sweat mops for my head is more than a little appreciated. I also had the opportunity to take my birthday present for its first official spin yesterday. She bought me a bamboo bat for my baseball league up in Vermont, and yesterday I took some batting practice with it. Boy, it’s a work of beauty, the bat, and I hit some nice line drives with it. I take it for a real test run on Saturday, as we play the Ludlow Cops.

Actually, I don’t know that they’re called the Cops, but they are a bunch of cops. And we’re playing at a ball field in Ludlow, which is situated among the Green Mountains. It’s a great location for baseball, and I hope to use my new bamboo bat to hook one around the foul pole in the short porch in left.

Oh, missus, you are a fine woman. Happy anniversary.

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