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Where’s the Colbert?

I ran into Virgil at Sunnyside’s new daytime coffee hangout, The Grind (the name’s still stupid, but I can work there, as long as I listen to my own music), and he remarked at how little press coverage Anti-Dickhead of the Week Stephen Colbert’s speech has gotten. For a full-frontal blistering assault less than ten feet from the president’s face, it’s shocking that the only buzz on the speech has been left to what is commonly (and sillily) called “the blogosphere.”

Well, Virgil, you and I aren’t alone in our dismay at the lack of coverage. I guess the press doesn’t much like being mocked by a comedian. Stupid, hypersensitive, whiny press.

Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News has been on The Daily Show. He’s even been moderately funny. Hey, Brian! Cover Colbert! Or does NBC not let pretty boys decide what’s on the news?

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