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Anti-Dickhead of the Week – Steve Almond

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For those of you not familiar with Steve Almond, he’s the author of several collections of stories, as well as a memoir to which I’m quite partial, called Candy Freak. It’s a well-documented look at his love for all things sweet.

Steve’s writing is satirical, wicked, and funny. I don’t remember where I heard this, exactly, but he’s reported to be quite the lunatic in person. Good times.

Well, after five years of teaching writing at Boston College, he’s resigning in protest over BC’s decision to invite Condi Rice to receive an honorary degree and to be this year’s commencement speaker.

He leaves the funny behind in his resignation letter and instead relies on a lucid, cogent clarity that good writers are so good at. Incidentally, I’m guessing Steve would never use good twice in one sentence. He’d probably find a better word than good to use in the first place.

Dude. He calls Condi a liar. Heh. In print. Heh, heh. Oh, thank you, Steve. I mean, obviously, people have called the woman a liar before, but for some reason, it sounds better in his open letter.

Let’s just hope Steve’s students are inspired to exercise their first amendment rights, as he requests.

[Thanks to Phil for the heads-up.]

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