Monday, April 17, 2006

The Place To Be?

So this morning I got an internet connection issue fixed by Time Warner Cable of New York City. Prompt customer service, as something I don't expect, generally makes me exceedingly happy. So kudos to TWC of NYC for its service today. Jose, my man, you were a quality customer support representative, even though you seemed quite confused that I had internet and phone service, but not cable television.

Anyway, prior to reaching Jose, while I was working my way through the menus and during the few seconds I was on hold, there was the usual branding promotion. "Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable: The Place To Be."

To paraphrase Martin Luther, "What the fuck does that mean?" Time Warner Cable is neither a place nor a state of mind. So how can I "be" "there"?

Should I hang out with a service guy in his van? Is that the place to be? Are there constant parties happening at the Time Warner Cable offices? Is that the place to work? Or should I simply turn on the TV, talk on the phone, and surf the net because, thanks to Time Warner Cable of NYC, my home is "The Place To Be"?

Hey, TWC of NYC marketers! You need to fix your tagline!

Oh, wait. Those dastardly bastards. Check out how much they've gotten me to obsess about Time Warner Cable of New York City. Perhaps they're geniuses...



At 3:04 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Since you were hearing this, not seeing it written out, perhaps the slogan is really "The Plaice to Be", meaning that Time Warner Cable is in the process of transforming into a flat, flounderlike fish.

It's possible.

At 6:28 AM , Blogger dan g said...

Well, Karl (if that is indeed your name), you make a spectacularly good point. You're probably right. My mistake.


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