Friday, April 21, 2006

The Oldest Home Run Ever

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Mets first-base-playing, pinch-hitting, 12-meals-of-organic-food-eating veteran Julio Franco, who spends the off-season living in a retirement home in Florida, hit a home run last night. He is the oldest player ever to hit a home run in Major League baseball.

Julio is in his 31st season as a professional baseball player. There are retired ballplayers who were born during Julio's professional career. Did I just blow your mind?

In other Mets news, Batman-fielding/Joker-hitting Anderson Hernandez has a bulging disc in his back, which forced the Mets to call up Japanese import and overall disappointment Kaz Matsui. I'm fond of bad-mouthing Kaz, and Mets fans are quite fond of booing him during warm-ups.

Well, in San Diego last night, in his first game/first pitch/first swing back, Kaz hit an inside-the-park home run. Maybe he's going to try to win back the second baseman's job he so spectacularly lost.

But don't forget, Mets fans... Kaz also homered in his first ever Major League at-bat, and he went from Japanese savior to Japanese scapegoat in a matter of days.

Trivia! We fought the Japanese in World War II! We won! (Or did we...)



At 12:43 PM , Anonymous titivil said...

I believe that Matsui has homered at his first at-bat in each of his three MLB seasons.

Didn't he also turn a double play in the seventh? That seems even more improbable.

At 10:20 AM , Blogger Karl said...

Where's our Nady news? This is the first Mets post this season where you haven't mentioned him. Those of us who hang on your every word but can't be bothered to actually watch a baseball game are depending on you, DanG!


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