Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Irrevocably Broken, Unless I Fix It

anna benson
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I had a hunch we hadn't heard the last from the Bensons.

A little background... Kris Benson was a pitcher for the Mets last year. Competent, not brilliant. Kris's bat-shit crazy wife, Anna, is a gun-toting, war-mongering right-wing lunatic. So when Kris got himself traded during this past off-season, much speculation in the media pointed to Anna as the real cause.

That sounds like a stupid theory to me, but when she went off on badass Carlos Delgado, who quietly protests the War in Iraq by refusing to stand during "God Bless America," I wanted her out of New York, too.

But in joining the Mets, Carlos agreed to quit his quiet protest. That, too, seems stupid to me, as New York as a city is pretty firmly anti-Iraq War, but it is what it is, and that's not the point of this post. I'm talking about Anna and Kris Benson, not Carlos Delgado.

Last week, Anna Benson filed for divorce. Rumor has it she walked in on Kris making out with her friend. This week, she seems to have changed her mind.

I was gonna get all snarky on the Bensons, but then I realized that I wasn't going to do better than My Favorite Sports Site, Deadspin, whose collection of Anna Benson writings makes me about as happy as a good come-from-behind Mets victory.

(If you follow the link, I'd recommend reading from the bottom up, for chronology.)

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At 3:27 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

That was very funny; even for someone who had never heard of Anna before.


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