Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Fine Day for Mets Baseball

Not only did Brian Bannister pick up his first Major League win against the Nationals in Washington, DC, today, but the hometown crowd booed Dick(head) Cheney mightily as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Yes, the boo birds rained down upon the shiny pate of our second-in-command, and even the Fox affiliate's muting of the sound part-way through couldn't serve as an umbrella.

Add the fine weather, and you've got a perfect day for the Mets.



At 2:20 PM , Anonymous Hollywood Max said...

Check out the Mets website for pictures of what the new Mets Ballpark is gonna look like. They're going retro, of course. I know you have a soft spot for Shea, but I for one can't wait for them to blow that shit box to the ground.

At 4:20 PM , Blogger dan g said...

I love Shea, but in that it-may-be-a-dump-but-it's-our-dump way. The new stadium looks real nice. There's an interactive presentation at the NY Times website as well.

Too bad I won't be able to afford tickets...


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