Monday, April 24, 2006

Dickhead Watch - The Enron Trial

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It's all about the "Watches" as we kick off the week here at B&E. First, the Xady Watch. Now, the Dickhead Watch.

It was Jeff Skilling last week, using every ounce of his charm to convince jurors that he didn't resign from the company and sell millions of dollars in Enron stock because he knew the downfall was coming. We don't yet know if the jury swallowed that horse shit.

This week, Kenny-boy Lay is on the stand. He's laying all the blame on the CFO, who pleaded guilty and is now the prosecution's lead witness. Lay's also reaching for some sympathy points, as he discusses on the stand the pain he felt from Enron's collapse. Poor bastard. It must be really hard perpetrating such a massive fraud and getting caught.

Lay's lead attorney, by the way, is recovering from heart surgery. Skilling, meanwhile, has an entire firm on retainer.

Dude. These Dickheads are totally getting off, aren't they?



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