Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dickhead of the Week - Follow-Up

delay onesie
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Facing continued money laundering charges and dropping poll numbers, Tom "I Will Quit Without" DeLay is resigning from Congress.

In typical bully behavior, i.e. not challenging to fight anyone he can't beat, The Hammer opted to quit rather than lose. A recent poll had him leading in his re-election bid, but just barely, and his lead was dwindling consistently. So he quit. "It was a little too risky," he said.

You're a fucking coward and a quitter, Mr. DeLay.

Naturally, John "Lobbyist Paid Travel Gives Me A" Boehner had some nice things to say about DeLay. "He has served our nation with integrity and honor." Boehner failed to mention that he spoke of "honor" sarcastically, and that he used "integrity" in the Old English sense of the word, defined as "syphillitic."

Resignation may be a good first step, but I hope this Dickhead goes to jail. He's probably the only person in the country who can do just as much damage to the government from the outside as he's done on the inside.

But goodbye for now, Mr. Whiny Dickhead. On your way out, be sure to kiss my war-hating, universal-health-care-supporting, independent-judiciary-loving, abortion-rights-fighting, Russ-Feingold-caressing, everlasting-hair-growing ass.



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