Friday, April 14, 2006

Dickhead of the Week - Colin Powell

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I almost feel bad calling Mr. Powell a Dickhead. Almost. He is, after all, the only member of the Bush administration to remain seemingly credible (having left the administration after one lousy term).

But Mr. Powell has recently been speaking again. A few days ago I read a story quoting Powell as saying that Bush was following Cheney's lead on the Iraq nuclear threat. "It was all Cheney," he said. And now Mr. Powell says that he and his team of experts never believed Iraq was a real threat, before we went to war in 2003.

What the fuck, Mr. Powell? Where were you before we declared war? Oh, wait... I remember...

You were the face of the Bush administration in front of the United Nations. Even then, your face was considered the only credible face of the Bush administration to present the "evidence" that Iraq had its biological weapons.

Yeah, nice talcum powder, buddy. Good Christ (it's Good Friday, everyone!).

Let's try not to forget his role in the Iraq disaster when he declares his desire to run for president in 2008.

But Colin vs. Russ in 2008? At least we'd have a respectable campaign. A black vs. a Jew? It'll never happen.



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