Friday, April 14, 2006

52-Second Film Festival - A Shill

52 Second Card
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Loyal B&E readers,

My primary employer is presenting The 52-Second Film Festival, which is a nice opportunity for those interested in dabbling in the film medium.

In 1895, the Lumiere Brothers presented to the public their cinematograph, which was a camera, printer, and projector, all rolled into one. Their reels were 52 seconds in length.

In 1995, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lumiere Brothers' presentation, a replica of the cinematograph was handed off to film directors around the world, each of whom made a 52-second film. The result was Lumiere and Company.

Hall Farm was hosting its annual artist residency program two summers ago, when someone had the idea of the Insufferable Film Festival, a nightly screening of some of world cinema's most pretentious films. Lumiere and Company was screened, and the artists-in-residence (being artists) universally declared, "I can make a better 52-second film than most of those."

Well, since it was only 52 seconds, Hall Farm's director said, "Go to it, then, artists. We'll screen them when you're ready."

The results were amazing. There was animation, stop-motion digital photography, one-take ridiculousness, collaborations among artists, and even Hall Farm staff participation.

(The video of my bobbing head came from this idea as well, but we were unable to stop at only 52 seconds.)

It was out of this fun experiment that the 52-Second Film Festival was born. We'd like everyone to participate, not just filmmakers, and honestly, not just artists. Power to the people, baby. Give us 52 seconds, and we'll give you the world. Wait. That's CNN or something...

Anyway, the only rule is that films must be 52 seconds in length. Since I know most of my readers (and I therefore know how creative many of you are), I hope you'll all submit films to the contest. You could even win $500.

Get more details and application forms here. And I guess I can answer any questions you might have, as well.



At 3:22 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Hmm. I have some ideas, but they involve filming images from books here in the library. Anybody know what kind of legal issues there might be with that?

At 3:33 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

The gears are turning...


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