Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Tollbooth - A Shill

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I love shilling for friends, and this is one I'm particularly fond of...

Debra Kirschner, a woman in my writer's group wrote, directed, and produced a little cinematic ditty called The Tollbooth. It opens this weekend in New York at the resolutely independent Quad Cinema on 13th Street in Manhattan.

Deb was working on this script when I joined my writer's group eight-plus years ago, so this is a project I've gotten to see all the way from creation through to distribution.

And she got it all done herself. Sure, there were collaborators (I guess actors are somewhat important) and all those other people who blah blah blah thank the academy blah blah blah, but Deb's got bootstraps. Bootstraps galore. Not to mention moxie. Moxie's a good word for Deb. In fact, moxie's a good word in general. Moxie. Moxie moxie moxie moxie moxie moxie...

But I digress...

Through several drafts, fundraising, casting, shooting, editing, numerous festivals, and all that other crap (including, finally, a distribution deal), Deb's enthusiasm for the project never waned. Naturally, there were discouraging times, during which most of us would've thrown in the towel out of fear of turning out like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. But not Deb. She just wouldn't stop until the job was done.

And just so you all can resent her further, she's also gotten a couple drafts done on a new script. Remember that thing about moxie? Yeah, that's Deb.

So go to The Quad if you live in New York (I fear everyone else may need to wait until the DVD release). The turn-out this weekend will help determine how long it sticks around.

Check out the trailer and read more about the film, the cast, and all the rest at the official Tollbooth website, and give props to Debra Kirschner for her mad skills.

And did I mention the moxie?



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