Thursday, February 23, 2006

They Make an Interesting Point

Over at everyone's favorite snarky sports commentating website, they were discussing the Shani Davis/Chad Hedrick speed skating feud at the Olympics. And who doesn't love a good speed skating feud? I mean, come on. Even the short-trackers are getting in on the action. Apolo Anton Ohno and the South Koreans? Oh, the drama...

Anyway, at some press conference both men were forced to attend, some of Shani's fans from the Dutch curling team came to heckle Chad Hedrick. Deadspin punctuates the story with this: "Regardless of whose side you’re taking in the Hedrick/Davis feud, I think you’d have to agree: When the Dutch curling team shows up to heckle someone, it is awesome."

Indeed, Deadspin. Indeed.



At 5:39 PM , Anonymous gary said...

Fucking Dutch curlers. They showed up at lunch today and made fun of the way I ate my salad.


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