Monday, February 06, 2006

Report from Queens

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It appears as though we've got ourselves a cursed block among us, as weary locals sigh with familiarity at dark storefronts. The block along the Boulevard of Death was the site of a fire more than two years ago that burned a butcher shop, a Dunkin' Donuts, a dry cleaner, a corner deli, and the 'hood's finest Irish pub completely to the ground. The Chipper, home of the best fish n' chips this side of the Atlantic, while still standing, was unable to recover from the closing, due to smoke damage, and never re-opened. In a wicked turn of events, the fire survivors have been forced to close again, as local construction cracks their building's foundation while gallantly attempting to fill the two-year-old hole in the ground at the heart of Sunnyside. Korean Christians are without a church, sandwich-eaters without a deli, donut-munchers without a Dunkin' (it re-opened where the Chipper was), and comfort-seekers without their Korean diner until the crack can get patched up. But just to end on a positive note, because we 7-train riders are an optimistic (if unattractive) bunch, the butcher shop was the first to reopen just a few short months after the fire. It moved to a much larger location conveniently positioned across the street from my apartment. And it thrives. Oh, does it thrive. Makes a mean fucking sandwich, too.



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