Thursday, February 09, 2006

Out-Dickheading the Mother Dickhead

House Speaker Dennis "I'm a Real Buh-" Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill "Frisky" Frist are bigger Dickheads, even, than "Boba" Rove, as it turns out. Just before Christmas, they snuck some Big Pharma immunities into a Defense Department appropriations bill. Follow the link and your jaw will drop at the nefariousness of these two utter Dickheads.

You've taught them well, Karl Rove, but now the servants are becoming the masters. This might even be worse than implying that Senator John McCain, star of Fox's 24, had an illegimate black baby.



At 6:07 PM , Anonymous Frank Dodge said...

I heard Biden on the radio talking about how that kind of language can get added to legislation AFTER the legislation has been passed.


Anything goes, baby!


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