Sunday, December 11, 2005

Last Train Home - A Shill

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Yesterday, the missus and I drove to the City of Brotherly Love to see my sister's gig. She's been playing with a band called Last Train Home when she can fit it in with her teaching schedule at Vanderbilt, where she flaunts her post-graduate degree and road experience, lecturing to impressionable collegians about the history of rock music.

Something I should point out, as an aside, is that my sister got the looks, brains, and talent in the family. She's a total badass.

I knew nothing of Last Train Home prior to the gig last night, and if being good guys was all it took to be a famous band, Last Train Home should be at least as big as Gary Glitter, if not bigger.

Their core is a three-man rhythm section (with vocals). Then they add players based on availability. So last night's crew included my sister on keyboard and accordion, a lead guitarist who blew out his amp, and a large fella on the pedal steel. Alt-country is the style of music. You know, country folk that can rock out. And it was great. They made driving back to New York at 3am a breeze. Parking in Sunnyside at 3am, however...

Opening for Last Train Home was a woman named Julie Lee. She sounds a little like Allison Kraus, and other than the love songs to Jesus, she was great, too.

Later: I forgot the shill part. Buy their albums.



At 6:45 PM , Blogger time to think said...

you are definitely right about lth. they are a great band, and good guys. hope to see them sometime with your sister.


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