Saturday, December 17, 2005

How 'bout a Shitload of Links?

Having paid considerably less attention to the media over the past week, I woke up this morning in awe of the goings-on. So here are a few topics upon which I might have commented further, had the hecticity of my life been a tad less, uh, hectic. Many of these little links come via The Huffington Post, a useful site for culling stories liberals might be interested in...

-- Dubya likes to spy on us.

-- Bushie Hearts DeLay.

-- Former Dickhead of the Week Jack Abramoff paid for editorials coming out of the right-wing think tank, Cato Institute, resulting in, like, a real resignation and shit. As a sidebar, BusinessWeek online refers to Cato as "libertarian" and not "right-wing." I guess if you're a pro-business publisher, you don't necessarily want to refer to a philosophical ally as extremist.

-- Trent Lott is rearing his fat, racist head again.

-- Ford has decided that maybe there's more money to be made from the Homos than the Haters.

-- The actor who played everyone's favorite fictional Chief-of-Staff, Leo McGarry/John Spencer passed away yesterday.

OK, well, I'm gonna get back to work now...



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