Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hit from the Left! Hit from the Right! Stand Up! Sit Down! Fight Fight Fight!

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Overall, I like Hillary Clinton. In '92, I liked her more than Bill. She played for the center a little less, and I didn't get the feeling she was trying to sleep with me through the television.

The far right in this country still loves to hate Hillary. It's a year-round sport for many. And mostly, pundits on the right use Hillary to tap into men's fears of being emasculated by strong, smart women. Those pundits are Dickheads, and the men who fall for it are morons.

Hillary's also done a pretty good job as the junior senator from New York. She works hard and seems to have our fine state's interests at heart.

On a national level, my opinion of Hillary begins to wane. Her health care plan back in the early Bill years was a good idea, and its real downfall was the brazenness and naivete of its presentation in the face of well-funded insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

But she's given up on such endeavors. And now Hillary's among the Democrats who won't call for bringing the troops home, and in fact, she's one of those who have called for increasing the number of troops in Iraq.

God knows women politicians have it tougher than the men. Can't be seen as weak or sentimental, and certainly not emotionally erratic. Meanwhile, Senator Ted Stevens is an emotional train wreck, screaming at colleagues, and somehow this is perceived as strong leadership.

But I wish I knew what Hillary truly stands for. Her shift to the right (she's now further to the right than Bill) seems to be with an eye toward the presidency. And if her current positions are her true positions, I disagree with her a lot.

Apparently, I'm not alone. And now Hillary will face a progressive challenger in a Democratic primary for her Senate seat: Jonathan Tasini.

When he lays out his argument as to why he's running, it makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Does he have a chance in hell? Probably not. But I hope he does well enough to force Hillary to face some questions from the left for a change...



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