Friday, December 09, 2005

A Date Night Full of Retards

So the missus and I did dinner-and-a-movie last night, and all was going without a hitch until we got to the movie theater. There was a dude screaming about popcorn in the lobby. It took about five seconds to realize that he was part of a group of mentally disabled adults all going to see the same movie we were. About eight of them. With the ruckus they were making in the lobby, we almost turned around and left, fearing our experience at the film would be less than stellar. But we stuck it out.

Naturally, the group sat in the row in front of us, and walked in after the movie started, because, you know, they needed their POP!-COOOOOOORRRRRRRN!

And actually, they weren't so bad. One guy would occasionally wave his arms wildly and grunt, but when it got loud enough to disturb other people, the chaperone calmly leaned to him and told him to keep it down, which he kindly did.

Then with about a third of the movie to go yet, the chaperone announced that it was time for them all to take their meds, that they had to leave. Now, while I'm sure the nuances of the plot may have been lost on the group, there was no denying that they were enjoying themselves, and a couple made (quiet) protests about leaving. But meds time is meds time, so off they went.

So with our fear of filmus-interruptus waning, we settled in for the rest of the movie. Next thing we know, a cell phone rings, and some lady starts talking in full voice in Spanish for more than a minute. While I don't understand Spanish, it seemed relatively clear that she had no mental challenges whatsoever, and yet she was the retard who nearly ruined the movie.



At 9:46 AM , Blogger Ali said...

But what movie did you see? Narnia? That's what we want to see.

At 6:58 PM , Anonymous rosa said...

Me encantaban Las Crónicas de Narnia . Leí la serie completa entre los ocho y diez años y fue como vivir en ese mundo -el de Narnia- durante un año. Expandió mi imaginación. De modo que pensé que sí, que sería maravilloso llevar los libros de Narnia al cine, comenzando con El León, La Bruja y El Ropero . Lo interesante fue que cuando volví a leer los libros como adulto, me sorprendió que en el libro hubiera pocos detalles; me di cuenta de que el film era la oportunidad de completar esos detalles, de expandir el libro original, y esa posibilidad me gustó...

At 1:00 PM , Anonymous brent said...

Ask me sometime about the group home with the backyard adjacent to ours, and the time the bunch of them were given kazoos.

At 9:32 PM , Blogger Missy said...

I want to know about that group home now.

At 2:08 PM , Blogger Ted Carter said...

I think that your story illustrates an important point; our challenges with the mentally disabled more often arise from how we handle these folks than in what these folks themselves do. Forcing them to leave a movie early to take their meds? What kind of moron came up with that plan?

At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Brent said...

Um, basically, all of the young men liked their kazoos, but none of them played them like a kazzo should be played (i.e., like a dur dur tube). Instead, they played the kazoos like trumpets. Simultaneously. For about an hour and a half.

Lesson: sorry, no kazzos for retards.


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