Saturday, April 09, 2005

From Topeka to Sunnyside

Yesterday, I was talking to these historians as part of my research, and when I told them I lived in Queens, they were like, "Oh, man, we had some amazing Indian food in Queens." Naturally, I'm thinking they were near Shea Stadium or the Noguchi Museum... What other reason is there for a couple of Topekans to come to Queens. My mom only comes there because I live there. And anyway, Queens is big.

They couldn't remember the name of the place. "India is definitely in the name." Then he described where they were. "It was on Queens Boulevard and we parked underneath the elevated train."

"Empire of India?"

"Yeah, that's it!"

"Dude, that's my Indian restaurant! I go there all the time!"

We were impressed by different parts of the story. Empire of India is pretty good, don't get me wrong, but it's no Jackson Diner or Haveli. But they kept going on and on about the food, and all I could think was that these two Topeka historians had been to Sunnyside. I love Sunnyside, but what the fuck were they doing there?

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At 5:36 PM , Anonymous hilary said...

Did the folks from Topeka encounter the cockroaches at Empire of India? Were they duped into thinking the little crawlers are a delicacy?


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