Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dickhead of the Week - Kansas Edition - Phill Kline

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As I've mentioned, last week Kansans voted to protect marriage from the gays, who want nothing more than to ruin the institution. It's at the top of their gay agenda, along with recruiting your children and sodomizing your pets. Kansas Attorney General, Phill Kline (who gets three extra Dickhead points for the spelling of his first name) supported the measure wholeheartedly, adding his two cents, "The marriage amendment is an unfortunate, necessary reaction to activist courts." This is tip-of-the-iceberg for Phill "MacCracken" Kline, who in recent months also decided to subpoena doctor's records to find out a) who's had abortions lately (it's still legal, motherfucker) and b) which of the women were underaged. God, his poor wife. He must really let her know her place. Case in point: his official biography on the Kansas Attorney General website features a lovely family photo with wife, daughter, and doggie. And yet somehow, there's nary a mention of any of their names. Nice, Phil(l). If you're gonna use the family for political points, you might consider acknowledging their existence and hinting that you love them. But in fairness to you, Herr Kline, I suppose that's difficult to do when you only think of yourself, eh, cock?



At 10:09 PM , Blogger Ali said...

God that man's a fuckface. Excuse me, "farkfuse".

At 11:16 PM , Anonymous Missy said...

Another candidate for dickheaddom9sp?) would be Tim Shallenbarger. (Legislator, unsuccessful [thank GOD] candidate for governor in 2002) In an article about the gay marriage amendment he said(more or less), "allowing marriage between homosexuals ultimately mean the end of the human race."
Sometimes it's hard to be a Kansan.(The above should be sung as if you were about to launch into a rousing rendition of "Stand By Your Man.)
Even better news for Kansas...Senator Sam "I am a nasty, beady-eyed, motheruckerfay Brownback is consulting with conservative religious groups in an effort to decide whether or not to run for president in 2008!!!!
I think I am done now.


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